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Aliyun release cloud platform with AI firm to target voice technology

October 13, 2017 09:21

Aliyun, Alibaba's cloud computing subsidiary, joined hands with an artificial intelligence (AI) company to release a cloud platform for turnkey solution in voice interaction in Hangzhou on Thursday.

The platform, the first try of Alibaba to have cooperation in the intelligent voice sector, was launched by Aliyun and Rokid Co Ltd, a Hangzhou-based AI firm.

Based on Linux and Android operating systems, the cloud platform stores huge amount of voice techniques totally open to AI developers and partners. The techniques include far-field interaction, multi-noise identification, customized wake-up word, as well as voiceprint recognition.

Misa Zhu, founder and chief executive officer of Rokid, said that the cloud platform is the first full-stack service platform in China to connect terminals with the cloud.

"From now on, whether individuals or companies, they are fully equipped to have the best quality voice interaction facilities. Home appliances such as televisions, refrigerators, or even set-top boxes, can speak up to offer services to the customer."

Moreover, the cloud platform provides turnkey solutions for AI developers which not only apply to smart speakers, but can also be used in the whole intelligent voice industry, including toys, automobile and all home appliances.

"This has greatly lowered the threshold of developing smart voice products," said Zhu.

Liufei, deputy manager of the product business branch of Aliyun, said that the cloud platform has penetrated into all aspects of life, including smart home, automobile, smart transportation, internet of things, logistics, smart home appliances, etc.

The most exciting news is that up to 70 percent of the techniques stored on the cloud platform are free.

"The purpose of building this platform is to make the core techniques accessible for more people, and let all talents in the AI field optimize our techniques and therefore benefit the industry as a whole," said Zhu.

"In the era of AI, opening voice technology has become an inevitable trend. We hope to work with developers from all industries to explore the endless possibilities of voice interaction. That is why we not only offer services to those already existing developers, but also to novices in the field."

The cloud platform launched by Aliyun and Rokid has started offering voice solutions to companies such as Haier Group, Sichuan Changhong Electric Co Ltd, Baofeng TV and ZTE Co.

(Source: China Daily)

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